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With a domain authority of 100, your site will surely get benefited some quality links from the blogger platform. If you go for the free blog, you will have to use the .weebly subdomain. Just range from the connect to your internet site by posting feedback on blogs and forums and following a short period of time you will have a number of advantageous backlinks. You will see some articles from web 2.0 sites getting ranked on the first page of Google driving tons of traffic to those articles, that’s because those articles are of top quality. Keyword optimized backlinks are the second most important factor next to quality content in SEO and getting to the top of the SERPs. Only recently control I really enjoyed the kind of SEO victories with the purpose of you read about. If you like to read content or write content, Medium is one of the best places to be.

For example, some of the best content for drawing in and nurturing qualified leads – like webinars – underperforms when it comes to link building. On WordPress platform, you can create a free blog with WordPres subdomain and start publishing content. Weebly is one of the best platforms to create a free website and consider as one of the top web 2.0 sites. What Are Web 2.0 Sites? When it comes to creating backlinks for your blog, the social bookmarking sites are one of the old ways to create some links to your site. You can create a free blog on Tumblr and start creating backlinks to your site. However, even if your site is on some other platform like WordPress; you can create a free blog on blogger and start creating content with links back to your site. These sites generally get a lot of traffic, so if you are creating high-quality content on that site regularly, you can expect a good amount of traffic to your site along with the backlinks.

Search engines like good quality content gradually added to good quality sites in such a way that benefits their customers – the searchers. These links on business listings, social media networks, and industry-specific directories show search engines that a website is established and high quality. Do you have a business that you want to expand? It might make very good business sense if you outsource this job to professionals who have loads of experience in just this job. You can create some good quality content and start making backlinks to your site. The features are selected by site moderators and are featured on the site’s homepage. Now, these are not the rules of that site; all the sites have their own set of rules. But then again, there is no such “magic formula” that will guarantee you dominate your niche in SEO instead, it is required to have a well thought out strategy for doing this; and submission platforms must be taken into account.

With this off page SEO tactic, you advertise your services and products in one shot to a wider global audience. Back linking is very important for the websites for optimization of the page. Then you can visit their website and post a geniune comment with a link back to your website. External websites would only be too willing to link to your pages and posts, but only if you prove to them that you deserve that vote of confidence. When we say money posts, these are the posts that drives the maximum revenue for your business, and you need to keep these posts fresh with new links and content on a regular basis. And while it’s a fact that cheap ads Google makes regular updates to its ranking algorithms and no one can know for sure what Google will do next, high-quality backlinks will always remain a decisive Google ranking factor. However, we will talk about the general rules you need to follow while submitting on those sites. For this reason submitting articles to high ranked article directories is a great method of delivering extra traffic to your website as well as increasing the quantity of website visitors on your web site.

Author: Tom Blamey

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